1. The tenor is egocentric. If you think the soprano is that, you have never met a tenor in your life!

2. The tenor is always in fashion: he spends a lot of money on items such as shoes and watches; his attention to detail is really shocking!

3. The tenor is the "prima Donna" of the situation, he always wants to prevaricate the soprano even trying high notes that never end...

4. The tenor is metereopathic. If his day is a "no" day, it is better to leave him alone, especially if he has to sing.

5. The tenor is a real Don Giovanni, so sopranos be careful!

6. The typical tenor gives the impression of one with "broad shoulders", always ready to fight.

7. The tenor is very competitive, not only with men but also with all “life-forms” present in the theater.

8. The tenor is always carefull about the food he eats. The fat and ugly tenor is a false myth (it's far from it!).

9. The tenor has a fixation for high notes.

10. The tenor before a concert warms up his voice doing "Ma, Ma, Ma" and he is obsessed by his voice.

Original article by Alessandra Gambino
Translated by Dario Medaglia